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Obesity Organization

Uncovering the genetics and biology of metabolism in the treatment of obesity.


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Obesity is a global health problem that increases risk for many related serious illnesses.1 These obesity-related conditions include Type 2 diabetes, heart and respiratory disease, as well as kidney and liver disease.2 Hundreds of millions of people worldwide are affected by obesity and obesity-related illness.3,4 These numbers could rise into the billions in coming decades.5

A complex and heterogenous disease, obesity affects different people in different ways. Effective strategies to treat obesity will likely require a variety of approaches. Addressing the needs of these patients is a challenge that we take seriously and view as critical for public health.

Our obesity initiatives include potential therapeutics that are in varying stages of research and development. These treatment approaches are diverse and tailored to meet the dynamic needs of patients with obesity, underscoring our commitment to innovation and patient care.

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Discover Purpose Through Your Career

At Amgen, your ideas are the first step. We're on a continued goal of transforming biotech to better understand human diseasesand how to fight them. Here's what it takes: The courage to dive into the challenges most won't and never forgetting who relies on our success.

With our combined perspectives, we can build a better world for patients. Join us and discover purpose through your career. Learn more about opportunities to join our Obesity Organization.

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Innovative Medicines

We have a presence in approximately 100 countries and regions worldwide and our innovative medicines have reached millions of people in the fight against serious illnesses. Our medicines typically address diseases for which there are limited treatment options, or they are medicines that provide a viable option to what is otherwise available.

Transformative Research

Understanding the fundamental biological mechanisms of disease is a defining feature of Amgen's discovery research efforts and a major contributor to the development of Amgen's deep and broad pipeline of potential new medicines.

World-Class Biomanufacturing

A worldwide leader in biologics manufacturing, Amgen has an outstanding track record of reliably delivering high-quality medicines to patients who need them. At Amgen, robust quality control and a reliable supply of medicines for patients are every bit as important as scientific innovation.

Write the Next Chapter in Innovation

Amgen is a pioneer in the science of using living cells to make biologic medicines. We helped invent the processes and tools that built the global biotech industry—turning it into a leading source of therapies for patients. 

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