You’ve dedicated countless hours to your education, research and patient care. What are the options within industry if you wish to consider this path? Within our Research & Development organization there are many Physician opportunities that allow you to develop a career affecting a large population of patients globally, while supporting innovative treatments capable of turning the tide on serious, life interrupting and life-threatening illnesses. Search current opportunities to join our team.

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Early Development Phase I

“From bench to bedside.” The physician scientists in Early Development conduct biology-driven clinical studies to understand the safety and biologic impact of therapeutic candidates in order to progress the best molecules to Clinical Development.

Clinical Development Phase II and III

The process that brings a new drug from the research laboratory to the marketplace is a long and complex one. Long, because it takes years to complete all the required pre-clinical and clinical studies; complex, because all those involved must follow strict regional and local regulations in evaluating the drug’s safety and efficacy. Particularly the phase II and III studies require the leadership of physicians with solid background on key therapeutic areas or experience in clinical research and drug development in order to ensure a successful path to market of innovative and potentially life-saving drugs while keeping the patients’ safety and wellbeing as the first priority.

US Medical & Global Medical Phase IV

Amgen’s Medical Organization is responsible for communicating the safety and efficacy of Amgen’s products, and collaborating with internal and external stakeholders to generate scientific and clinical evidence to inform the practice of medicine. Medical teams engage with the clinical community, opinion leaders, payer groups and scientific societies to gather clinical insights, and translate them into activities that support Amgen’s mission to serve patients, including scientific endeavors to improve access to our medicines for patients and providers.


(Phases I, II, III and IV of Clinical trials and Marketed phase of a product)

Physicians in Global Patient Safety department perform safety surveillance activities for Amgen products through signal and risk management activities. They are responsible for ongoing benefit-risk evaluation for our products during clinical trials and while products are being marketed. Their activities include signal detection and evaluations, creation of aggregate safety reports and risk management plans, risk communication to patients, prescribers and health authorities.

Global Patient Safety

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As a Fortune 150 company operating in nearly 100 countries around the world, we continue to push the boundaries of science as we lead the way into the new biocentury. Together, our colleagues embody the spirit of innovation and share a determination to contribute to the world in meaningful ways.

Understand the power of COLLABORATION
It’s why we’re investing in highly skilled, dedicated and collaborative individuals who are ready to maximize their true potential, help us launch new medicines at unprecedented rates, and make a difference in the lives of our patients, staff and the communities we call home.

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