Internships & Co-ops Frequently Asked Questions

Internships & Co-ops FAQs

What is the difference between an intern and a co-op assignment?

Intern: Paid internship assignments are designed for undergraduate and graduate level students. In order to meet basic qualifications, students should have completed their sophomore year and have some academic preparation in a professional field. If the intent is to make a full-time offer after the completion of the internship, the student should be a returning senior and therefore eligible for an offer, if applicable. The students are reporting to an experienced manager who provides guidance and mentorship during the 10- to 12-week internship. This position normally does not count for an academic credit.

Cooperative Education (Co-op): A co-op assignment is generally completed by a student over one or more semesters/quarters. The concept of cooperative education is based on paid work typically for 3 to 12 months. The student must receive academic credit for the work being performed. The project should include work assignments related to the participant’s academic degree being earned and career interests.

When does Amgen accept resumes for intern and co-op positions?

Resumes for intern and co-op positions are accepted between November and late April, depending on the position.

When does Amgen accept resumes for intern and co-op positions?

Resumes for intern and co-op positions are accepted between November and late April, depending on the position.

How do I apply for a position?

Intern and co-op assignments are posted at select universities as well as on this site. Students should contact their campus career centers on how to apply. Most positions are posted on our career site for 30 days or until a sufficient number of resumes are received. View current internship and co-op opportunities.

Will I be contacted once I submit a resume?

If you apply for a position on Amgen’s Web site, an e-mail notification will be sent to you confirming that your resume has been received. No further communication will be made with you unless you are identified as a qualified candidate of interest. Qualified candidates of interest will be contacted directly by an Amgen recruiter or hiring manager.

How does the selection process work?

Resumes are reviewed by Amgen recruiters and hiring managers. Phone screen or videoconference interviews are conducted with selected candidates and more than one round of interviews may be held. In some cases, on-site interviews may be scheduled. Offers are usually made by late April. Intern assignments generally begin in May or June and end in August or September. Co-op assignments may start at any time of the year and are typically 3-12 months in duration.

Will I be required to pass a background check or drug test?

Yes. All candidates selected for assignments are required to pass a background check and drug screening before starting an assignment at Amgen. Employment is contingent upon successful completion of both requirements, as well as the candidate’s ability to provide documentation to show proof of eligibility to work within the United States and the candidate’s completion of Amgen’s standard employment documents.

What are the criteria for an Amgen intern or co-op?

All individuals applying for an internship or a co-op assignment at Amgen must meet the following criteria:

  • Must be 18 years or older
  • Must be a current full-time student
  • Must have completed one full year of study at the time of application
  • Must have not yet graduated
  • Must be pursuing an applicable degree or course of study
  • Must be in good academic standing within their majors and overall at their university
  • Must be enrolled in school the fall season following the potential internship or co-op assignment
  • Must not be employed at the time the internship starts

May international students apply?

International students are eligible to apply if they meet the basic qualifications of an intern or co-op job posting. Please see college job listings for descriptions and basic qualifications.

Does Amgen offer opportunities for high school students?

No. Amgen does not hire high school students.

Are interns and co-ops paid?

Amgen pays a competitive wage to an intern or co-op based on discipline, completed years of education and previous experience. Our salary guidelines are reviewed annually for competitiveness within the industry.

Does Amgen offer unpaid or volunteer opportunities?

No. Amgen does not offer unpaid intern, co-op or volunteer assignments.

Do interns and co-ops receive benefits?

Amgen interns and co-ops are currently eligible to use Amgen’s on-site gym (where available), attend corporate events and executive speaker series, and participate in training courses. Amgen also generally offers relocation services for those students who qualify under Internal Revenue Service (IRS) guidelines. Interns are also eligible for company-paid holidays. Many Amgen sites provide concierge services through on-site gift shops. Amgen-sponsored events and amenities vary by location.

Will relocation assistance be provided?

Relocation benefits are generally offered to those students meeting applicable IRS guidelines. Eligibility is based upon the student’s summer/permanent residence. More detailed information is provided at the time of offer.

Which universities are on Amgen’s recruiting calendar this year?

Amgen actively recruits at colleges and universities across the United States during both fall and spring recruiting seasons. Our on-campus activity may vary year-to-year. Please check with your campus career center or the Career News & Events section of our career site.

Does Amgen conduct on-campus or on-site interviews at the schools?

Amgen may hold interviews on-campus at select universities for intern and co-op assignments. Interviews conducted on-site at an Amgen job location are at the discretion of the hiring department. To see if Amgen will be conducting on-campus interviews at your school, please check with your campus career center.

What if Amgen is not making a campus visit to my university?

Although we may not be visiting your campus during our fall or spring recruiting campaigns, you may still apply for an intern or co-op position posted in our Careers section. To find these types of opportunities, view our current openings for college jobs.

Which Amgen locations offer assignments?

Intern and co-op assignments are typically available at most Amgen U.S. locations as well as Canada and Puerto Rico. Visit our Global Job Locations page to learn more about the cities in which Amgen facilities are located.

What departments at Amgen offer intern or co-op opportunities?

The following business functions typically participate each year in Amgen’s Internship Program:

  • Information Systems
  • Finance
  • Sales and Marketing
  • Research and Development
  • Process Development
  • Operations
  • Global Strategic Sourcing (GSS)
  • Global Health Economics and Government Affairs

Department participation varies each year.

What types of degrees does Amgen recruit for?

It depends on the company function and basic qualifications.

What is the duration of an assignment?

Amgen intern assignments are typically 10 to 12 weeks, allowing ample time to complete a substantial project and make a significant contribution to our organization.

Amgen’s co-op assignments are generally six months in duration, potentially allowing the student to work on multiple projects, while providing the opportunity to make a significant contribution to Amgen.

When do interns or co-ops start work?

Intern assignments are generally available during the summer months, starting in May or June and ending in August or September. Co-op opportunities may start at any time of the year; however, most follow the academic calendar of a university.

Does Amgen provide an intern and co-op orientation?

If selected, candidates will receive a welcome packet and offer letter from Amgen. This information will confirm the student’s start date and details on what to expect on the first day. Interns and co-ops also receive special orientation presentations.

What would my summer experience at Amgen be like?

Amgen interns and co-ops are invited to learn as much as they can about Amgen’s values, products, organizational structure, and business drivers. We also provide many opportunities to establish a network among fellow interns/co-op students and within the Amgen community. Amgen’s internship program offers meaningful project experiences that impact patient’s lives, competitive compensation, housing benefits (for eligible candidates), executive networking events, social networking events, community volunteer project opportunities, on-site fitness activities and much more. Amgen’s work/life balance philosophy extends to all of our interns and co-op students on assignment.

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